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5 Reasons Why Cell Fire Extinguishers Are The Future


Water and other chemicals are the most common fire extinguishing agents used to extinguish fires (Voelkert, 2009). While these chemicals have proven to be effective throughout history, the advancement of technology has brought us a more advanced means of extinguishing fires: the Cell Fire Extinguisher better known as CFE. 



In this article, we’ll look at the five main reasons CFE is the future. 


1. Automatic

Compared to traditional means of extinguishing fires, CFE is automatic. Most of the traditional fire extinguishing methods that we use today need to be activated manually. In fact, the proper usage of fire extinguishers is still not common knowledge at this point. Even sand and baking soda buckets do not activate manually. 


CFE is the future because it activates automatically. When the heat sensors determine that a fire is going to happen, the internal system activates on its own. It does not need any human intervention in order to activate and extinguish fires. 


2. Instant

Aside from working automatically, CFE also works instantly. It isn’t prone to the mistakes of humans that are operating it. There are no time lags, there are no mishaps. It works according to how the system is programmed–instant and automatic. This is the fire-smothering system that we need–reliable and less prone to making mistakes

In comparison, traditional fire extinguishing methods, except for automated water sprinkles, do not work instantly. There are time lags and these time lags often become crucial in preventing further damage. 


3. Flexible

Another problem with the most commonly used fire extinguishing methods is that they are very limited. Fire extinguishers come in different types that correspond to different types of fires. If you used the wrong type, then, it is possible that you could make the fire worse. This type of knowledge is not common. 


On the other hand, CFE has no limitations. While it specializes on electrical fires, it is fit for other fires as well. Therefore, it is suitable for all types of fires that may possibly happen. This makes it the perfect emergency response to fires. 


4. Remotely Activated

Another feature that makes CFE an invention from the future is that it can be activated remotely. This is through the digital Battery Management System and is helpful when the need ever arises for it. This means that it can be activated remotely, even if no humans are near the location. This also means that there is no need for someone to go near the fire and endanger themselves. 


In comparison, the same cannot be said for the more commonly used fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers need to be manually operated by a person and must be placed six feet away from the fire. This distance becomes shorter when we talk about sand and baking soda buckets. 


5. Convenient

Lastly, CFE is very convenient. The disadvantage of common fire extinguishers is that they are largely inconvenient. Fire extinguishers have a designated area and there is always a distance problem between them and the actual fires. 

In comparison, CFE is very small and can be pre-installed in electrical circuits. A small gram of CFE can cover 0.013 cubic meters of fire space. Each CFE contains two grams and can cover twice that fire space.


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