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Carbon Footprint Calculator

Simply measuring the carbon waste we create will never tell the whole story of our Carbon Footprint.

While lots of media focus is on carbon dioxide emission which we all agree are out of control, there is carbon emission in the supply chain for virtually every product we use. The fish we eat was caught from an engine boat.  My stainless steel water bottle likely manufactured from another country and was shipped on a pallet. Going to the dentist or the doctor using engine-transportation. 

Buying a coffee or a cup of tea uses machine powered by electricity even if we don’t see it.  Our computers, phones, and even the material used in the construction of our homes will eventually become part of our carbon footprint. Carbon is everywhere.

To create an estimate of your carbon footprint we relied on data from a number of different sources.  Building off of the concept of “average” we adjust your footprint up and down based on your declared habits and how they compare to the “average” for your country.  The owner of a private vehicle will have a larger carbon footprint than a transit rider or someone with a shared car and different countries have different “average” levels of private vehicle ownership.

In the end, our goal is not to be perfect but to raise your awareness about the amount of plastic you use.  You can take steps to reduce your carbon footprint by changing some simple habits and by shopping responsibly from brands and merchants that are working on creating a circular economy with Social Carbon® or by using offsets.

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