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Hi there!

My name is, An an Jiang (anj).

I’m on my mission to save everyone from
climate tsunami. Let’s partner up, we will make
a great team.

Anj's Slice of Life

Once upon a time, there’s a Japanese marten with an
ordinary life, called An An Jiang.

Anj's Awakening

One day, he helped a granny from a bad-guy.
knew from the first time she saw An An Jiang was no ordinary being.
Therefore, she helped him find his hidden superpowers.

Anj's Purpose

An An Jiang uses his power to save lives. People adore him and until now he is sticks with his mission, Powering Freedom for everyone.

Collect the Cuteness


Anj Relationship Diary



Anj Work Diary



An An Jiang Relationship Diary


Name: An An Jiang
A.K.A: Anj
Species: M. melampus
Gender: Boy
Hobbies: Acting Cute
Superpower: Strong Power, Transfer Energy, Producing Electric etc

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