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Discover your carbon footprint

A simple metric to estimate your carbon footprint each year as an individual.

Data shows that the global average of carbon footprint/ year for each person is 4 tons.

However, if we want to avoid global warming, we all need to strive to get it under 2 tons by 2050.

How does your carbon footprint compare?

The program will calculate based on the behaviour of each individual toward certain things and convert it into the amount of carbon emissions.

Individual need and demands that will be tracked are mobility, food, fashion, technology, and housing.

Food & Beverage
Fashion & Lifestyle
Want to know more about how the calculator works?

Why calculate it

Carbon footprint - Why icons

Gaining awareness of how our behaviour impacts our mother nature

Carbon footprint - Why icons2

Planning concrete actions in order to mitigate climate change

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Creating sustainable work for the well-being of the next generation

Become the solution to Personal Carbon Footprint