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Energy Block

Micro Fire Extinguisher

Energy Router


13 December 2018

Anzene new logo initiative

  • Fingerprint style

3 December 2018

Electric Standard Motor Illustration with Anzene Batteries

3 December 2018

Electric Retro Motor Illustration with Anzene Batteries

3 December 2018

Electric Vespa Illustration with Anzene Batteries

3 December 2018

Golf Cart Illustration with Anzene Batteries

27 October 2018

Doomsday Survival Bottle


  • Size: Internal Size for the first Anzene battery. External Size to be bigger than 8080240mm and with the following things built within the external casing.
  • *To add Mesh Communication
  • one side to be solar cells chargeable:
  • one side to be Full LED lights
  • 2 separate bulb for low energy red/ blue laser light.
  • a button to press for gps signal
  • 1. one button size for traditional Compass:
  • the bottom end to show the speaker:
  • 1. one button closer to the speaker end to sound off alarm (have a button by the side at the bottom cap with an alarm sign and 2-3 buttons to play music)
  • Along the edge of the 3rd side at bottom cover the small whistle is inbuilt along in it ( In case of emergency, the survivor will use blow to it like a flute
  • 1. on the 3rd side lower section. One rough/ cross section for matchstick lighting (
  • 4th side, upper section mayweed to be thicker to put 3 tools that can pull out like swiss army light

18 October 2018

Anzene Battery Design


  • Updated with Singapore 2nd draft design & Engineering Drawing
  • Updated with ID 1st draft design

6 October 2018

Form Sizing of Anzene Battery

5 Carton Box Form References – 01 *All height @ 240MM

1. Normal – 80mm by 80mm
2. Bevel at one corner – 80mm by 80mm
3. Circle of square 80mm by 80mm
4. Circle inscribed in the square 80mm by 80mm
5. Circle within the square 80mm by 80mm

3 October 2018

Anzene Doomsday Life Saver Overview


  • SBS will be inserted to another casing for Life Saving
  • Features
    • portable power
    • walkie talkie
    • lights
    • gps saver unit/ GPS
    • whistle
    • solar cells chargeable
    • pocket swiss knife
    • essential tools
    • speaker
    • Compass
    • emergency loud speaker
    • Car battery starter

3 July 2018

Anzene Logo – Draft 1 

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