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27 December 2018

Cell Fire Extinguishing system For Anzene Docking station and Battery pack – Part 1


  • Updated with proposed Design of Cigarette’s size fire extinguishing and to be tested, approved, manufactured by Licensed Manufacturing in China

23 December 2018

independent Fire extinguishing system for battery


  • Cigarette’s size fire safety hazard supplier has been found
  • One battery pack to put one and to be inserted inside
  • Docking station
    • The image’s product will be the fire hazard safety system installed in it.
    • Cost around 250-350 rmb
      • due to docking station pricing, the cost price is still ok
    • Battery Pack
      • Due to the size of the fire hazard product and internal battery’s available size, it was not designed to have any fire safety system within the battery pack
      • the team has decided to decide on its own and found suppliers to redesign a cigarette’s size fire safety hazard for each anzene battery pack
        • this approach each is estimated to cost at 20 – 50 rmb
        • molding, design all will be from the inhouse team
        • the design will be filed for patent

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