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Explosion-proof battery

24/7 protection for your family

Explosion-proof battery

24/7 protection for your family

6x proprietary hardware prevention features

4x unique software

Why explosions?

Carbon footprint - Why icons

Shorter life-span of battery pack

Battery has only 1.5 yrs warranty but users will use more than 2 yrs.

Carbon footprint - Why icons2

Heavy usage at different locations

Users will travel long distances over different terrains.

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wear/ tear due to raising climate Temp

Internal components will wear down faster due to higher temp.

Causes property damages, injuries, risk of lost lives to family members & peers

New York, USA

PMD’s charging explosion happened at 5 May 2021, causing 1 death & 11 firefighters injured


PMD sudden usage explosion in the lift at 3 June 2021, causing 1 death

Guangzhou, China

Mobility charging explosion happened at 27 June 2021, 1:41 a.m, trapping 10 over residents

6 Idiot Proof Hardware Features Preventing Explosion

Explosion-prevention cell-fire extinguisher

Fire-proof material usage

Fire-prevention spot welding cells connections

Explosion-proof pressurised air valve

Fire-proof 21700 lith-ion batteries

Plug & play design prevents short-circuit

Explosion-prevention cell-fire extinguisher

The patented Cell-Fire Extinguisher (CFE) will fume any battery pack during an overheating situation. It is a low cost & effective fire prevention innovation that is nested within the Energyblock. It can automatically be self-activated to fume the device when there is heat accumulation.

Fire-Proof 21700 Lith-Ion Batteries

EnergyBlock battery cells are made up of the latest 21700 Lith-Ion battery cells. Each cell has a fuse system within in which it will stop charging when there is any abnormalities or overcharging.

Fire-proof material Usage

EnergyBlock’s connecting joints, rubber and battery cells jigs have anti-fire compounds mixture. This will ensure that the fire will not spread and causing the heat to increase within the battery pack during a failure. This will prevent more things getting burnt that will cause explosion when the air pressure is too high.

Explosion-proof pressurised air valve

It is designed to release air pressure internally when there is heat accumulation. The releasing of air will prevent battery pack’s explosion that might light up surrounding areas which will cause bigger fires. The pressurised air valve is located at the bottom of the Energyblock. It is unique as it does not allow compounds to enter the Energyblock, making it water-proof while ensuring it safe.

Fire-prevention spot welding cells connections

EnergyBlock’s battery cells are connected with the latest spot welding connection. This technology has better consistency thus ensuring safer charging. In the event of failure, the spot welding will drop off and cut-off the circuit to prevent continuous charging on the damaged cells.

Plug & Play Design Prevents Short-Circuit

The ports between hardwares do not have direction requirement. It will allow easy usage and will prevent wrong connection, causing short circuit. Furthermore, the lifespan of the ports are based on industrial usage requirement and tested 3 times more than consumer market’s standards. 

Such standards will prevent parts from wearing down when it’s being used over different terrains and environments.

There Is Nothing more important than your personal And Family's safety

Anzene has 4x unique software defensive protocols. It has i. charging protection, ii. temperature protection, iii. overcharging protection and iv. short circuit protection. Unfortunately, software protection may not function timely as shown from many battery fire accidents recently and periodically.

Therefore, Anzene has introduced 6 idiot proof hardware features that includes malfunction, resulting fire but will prevent explosions. The features are to prevent fire from spreading. And when it’s not mitigated, the valve will release the pressurized air. The last defense will be the CFE fuming the battery pack entirely, internally.

Safety certifications

Effective against electrical & type ‘B’ fires

Certified safe in event of skin contact

Certified safe in event of inhalation

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