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Extinguisher Tape

Smart fire protection for all electronic devices.
Prevent any electric-sparks, fire or explosion.

Anti Flame

Powerful Fire Protection

Self Activated

Small tape, Full protection

Prevent fire from spreading due to the following reasons:

Easy to install


Each small piece (8 x 8mm) can put out 139cm3 volume space of electric fire.

*It is suggested to put 2x more than the intended volumetric space.

6 years of life-span

Non toxic

Low cost

Tear it up


Power Devices

Battery Pack

Heating Devices

Overloaded Cords

WHERE to put

Need to be placed within the electronic device. Small enough to be nested inside various devices or hard to reach places.

Worry Free!

Extinguisher Tape

Prevent Fire Anywhere, Anytime

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