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Here’s How and Why I Opted to Use Anzene for My E-Bike Travels

Hey, it’s Eric here. I love my e-bike. I take it with me anywhere I go. When I go running errands, meeting friends, or just relaxing around the neighborhood – I have my e-bike with me.

I’m a total adventurer. I love going out of the neighborhood and seeing something new every day. Because of this, it’s important that my e-bike doesn’t run out of battery.

Trust me, I’ve ran out of battery in the middle of nowhere, before. That was such an unfortunate situation to go through. I had to hitchhike but to no avail and eventually ended up dragging my e-bike by foot till I got to the nearest charging station.

But that was before Anzene.

Anzene is an energy pod that allows me to store energy for my e-mobiles. This stored energy can then be used later when needed.

Why do I use Anzene?

Well, that’s easy. Here are my reasons why:

  • Anzene prevents me from running out of energy. Through this energy pod, I have access to extra spare energy that I can use to power up my e-mobile.
  • Anzene allows me to share the energy I stored. Sometimes, I go cruising with my friends on our e-mobiles and it’s nice to share the energy from the pod to your friends.
  • Anzene is eco-friendly. It helps me help the environment by storing the greenest off-the-grid energy that is harvested in a sustainable manner as compared to the energy that is fresh from the socket that is from coal factories.
  • Anzene is convenient. It may look like a bulky device but once you get past the size, it is incredibly easy to use, even for a non-techy like me.
  • Anzene is cheap. It charges a fraction for the energy that is stored as compared to normal from-the-socket energy that costs more.

And how do I use it?

Well, that’s even easier. Here’s a complete guide of how I use Anzene:

  • I make sure that my Anzene pod is fully charged before leaving with my e-bike. I get mine charged at charging stations near my home. Usually, I leave it there and do some errands before coming back.
  • Every time I leave, I make sure that my fully charged Anzene pod is with me. I usually put it in my back of e-mobile. I have bought a casing to go with it so that it does not catch dust or sand depending on where I go.
  • When my e-mobile runs out of power, I take out my cord connector and connect it to the energy pod. Plug it up, switch it on your Anzene pod and then wait for it to charge. I like to chill while I wait for it to charge, making sure I watch my e-mobile otherwise someone may run off with it.
  • Once my e-mobile has fully charged, I can remove the wires, put back the Anzene pod to place and continue my journey.

It’s incredibly easy, right? What are you waiting for? Get your own Anzena pod now and experience no more troubles with your e-mobiles.

This is Anzene – energizing my life.