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What is CFE and how does it work?


The Cell Fire Extinguisher or CFE is the future of fire extinguishing. It is the brilliance of the creators at Anzene and is the outcome of years of product development. CFE is a household essential that is proven to be more effective and more efficient than traditional fire extinguishing methods such as water sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and sand buckets. 



In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what the CFE does and how it works. 


What is CFE?

CFE of Cell Fire Extinguisher is a product that aims to extinguish any fire that it detects in its area of influence before it even escalates and turns into a full-scale one. It is a small and compact equipment that is meant to be installed on electronics that are prone to overheating. 


It activates automatically and therefore, it does not need any human to notice the fire before it can be used. This is crucial as most dangerous home fires occur during the night, when everyone at home is sleeping (Beaudrie, 2022). 

Moreover, CFE is an all-around fire extinguisher. It is unlike other extinguishing substances such as water only works for certain types of fires and works the opposite way for others. Because it is an all-around extinguisher, there is no need to worry that your first line of defense against any fire might not work for it. 

How does CFE work?


CFE is a preventive fire extinguisher. That means, it must be installed beforehand, on possible areas of concern. This works similarly to water sprinklers. The water sprinklers need to be installed before the actual fire for them to work. 


CFE is small and compact with the size of 10mm x 55mm. Therefore, it can easily be installed in battery packs or other electronics that are prone to overheating and burning up. This is crucial because the fourth most common causes of house fires are electronics


The overall volume of the cell is 0.0017 cubic meters, and therefore, adds negligible weight to the electronic products that it is installed. If you aim to equip your home with CFE, it is advisable that you install CFE into your electronics around the home (including kitchen appliances) to cover all possibilities. 



CFE activates when its internal sensors notice an abnormal rise in temperature in its surroundings. One gram of CFE has a volume of influence of about 0.013 cubic meters. Each unit of CFE has around two grams, doubling that volume to 0.026 cubic meters. This is the perfect size for small fires. 

Automatically, it will work to extinguish the fire and kill it before it even spreads to a bigger size. This is what makes CFE so reliable. It works instantly and does not wait for the fire to escalate into a larger, less uncontrollable size. 


Another usage of CFE is that you can “drop” it to small fires to extinguish them. This is the last option, however, and is not an advisable route to take given that preventing fires from growing bigger is much better than a reactive method of extinguishing. 


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