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IoT Battery

The Ultimate Goal of Anzene: Human Sustainability

Anzene is a battery, energy block that is affordable, environment-friendly, and economically beneficial. Safe, environment-friendly, and economically beneficial – these three adjectives describe the main features of Anzene. However, this is not what Anzene is only about. Anzene is a product of today’s technology that combines innovation and the determination to escape our self-destructive prophecy as …

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Economic Benefits of Anzene

Anzene is a battery/ Energy block for your e-mobilities. It’s non-explosive, smart and on the go. Aside from being a technological superhero, Anzene helps save the world by utilizing sustainable energy. Sustainable energy is energy that is cheap, environment-friendly, and easily replenished. (What is sustainable energy?, n.d.) However, Anzene is not only clean and green …

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How Anzene Accelerates Eco-Friendly Innovation

The eco-friendly movement began in the 1990s, when awareness about the negative effects of using non-renewable resources surfaced in the public. Eco-friendly movements were in the form of small groups that aimed to slow down the continuous usage and consumption of non-renewable resources. (The Eco-Friendly Movement, n.d.) Eco-friendly movements come in various forms and have …

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